EPF Details


This is page is regularly updated with latest information and news about Employee Provident Fund (EPF). If you are not finding any more about EPF Details, please write to krishnas at thinkplaninvest.com or post it in the comments section. I will personally address your concern and edit this page to reflect the missing information. Thank you […]

5 Simple Tricks to Ease through Your Loan Repayment


Have you applied for a loan to buy your dream home? If yes, then read on to discover how you can repay your home loan easily. In today’s financial market, you can apply for a home loan to buy property without any hassles. There are many banks and financial institutions that offer loans at an […]

Personal Finance News Digest


Online EPF Account Like the bank account’s EPF to be rolled out as the online account from the month of October 2013. This is announced by the EPFO in this month. It is one of the most wanted features for the working sector. If one wants to know the balance on real time with EPF […]

Top 4 Points To Know About Joint Home Loan


Joint Home Loan is great when it comes to improve the loan eligibility. If you are looking for a dream house and fall short of the loan eligibility, need not loose your confidence. You can check for the joint loan with your relative to maximize the loan eligibility. This comes with the set of restrictions. […]

Financial Literacy For Children


Saving habit is most important part of our life. This is known as financial discipline or financial literacy. If you look at our earlier generations lifestyle, savings are very closely associated with their daily life. They had considered savings as the most important aspect of life and it helps them when they reach the old […]

How To Organise Your Financial Documents?


Organizing financial documents is most important action item when it comes to the financial planning. If you have organized all the documents, it is easy for the future reference. It becomes more complicated every year due to the new investments and other growing aspect of your financial life. Take an example, you have worked on […]

Sovereign Rating Downgrade Risk for India


With the lowest GDP of 4.4% in this quarter, steadily increasing fiscal deficit, steep decline in the rupee value could potentially put India into the risk of rating downgrade. “There are numerous country specific problems which are not related to the global market is impacting the investors confidence”, this what the experts said. However, the […]

What is Difference Between Savings Account and Current Account?


This article is answer to one of our reader’s question about what is the difference between savings account and current account?. This is very common confusion among most of the bank’s customers that what is the purpose of savings account and the current account. Some companies maintain current account for the employees apart from the […]

Factors Impacting Gold Prices – COMPLETE GUIDE


Gold and Silver are the most complicated commodities to determine the price. Others like stocks, currency, etc. are easily determined based on the data. If you have the data, by drawing a technical chart, it is easy for even novice investor can determine the trend of stock prices. These are fully driven by the actual […]

What is Reinstating a Surrendered Policy?


If you are not happy with current insurance policies or for any reason you are not able to continue your policy, policy holder has the option to surrender it to the insurance company and ask for the settlement. Normally policy holder will not get the full amount when policy holder surrenders it before the maturity […]