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DLF brings its new residential project New Town in Bangalore. DLF offers 3 bedroom apartments with excellent amenities. DLF New Town is a premium residential township with a appending Spanish style of architecture against a backdrop of fabulous gardens. It features an open-layout with buildings being placed in a manner that there is no overlooking and most of the apartments enjoy the views of structured landscaping. Subscribe to our future articles here.

About DLF – Bangalore

DLF has a 60-year history of service excellence. Since it was founded in 1946, it has been responsible for the development of 21 urban colonies aggregating 5,816 acres, as well as an entire integrated 3,000-acre township – DLF City. DLF Homes provides a wide range of products including condominiums, duplexes, row hoses and apartments of varying sizes, with a focus on the higher end of the market. DLF has already developed 54 million sq. ft with plans of developing another 300 million sq. ft of projects across the country over the next 10 years.

Call @ 9900213086 for any other real estate queries

The following amenities would be provided in the DLF exclusive club house:

  1. Business Centre
  2. Massage/Beauty Parlor
  3. Restaurant/Food Courts
  4. Banquet Hall
  5. Cards/Billiards Room
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Gymnasium/ Aerobics Centre
  8. Tennis Courts
  9. Shopping Complex
  10. Bank ATMs
  11. Playschool/Early Learning Centre
  12. Health-care centre
  13. State-of-the-art security systems

You look into the project details here. If you need any clarification on DLF and other builders also please post it in the comments section. I will answer your questions. Thank you for reading the article.

Update: New Prices Effective from 15TH DECEMBER 2009

Product Mix as of Now


Type of unit Size (sq ft) Rate/sqft (Rs.) Booking amount (Rs.) Total Price range (Rs.) – Including registration
2 BHK 1085 – 1225 2300 2.5 Lakhs 32 Lacs – 37 Lacs
3 BHK + 2 toilets 1360 – 1410 2300 3 Lakhs 39 Lacs – 45 Lacs
3 BHK + 3 toilets 1570 – 1620 2300 3.5 Lakhs 47 Lacs – 52 Lacs
3 BHK + servant room 1820 2300 4.5 Lakhs 56 Lacs



This project is located off the Banneraghatta Rd. and is being developed in a land area of 27.5 acres.

The project consists of 1980 units spread across 20 towers that are Stilt + 18 floors high.

The following amenities would be provided in our exclusive club house:

  • Business Centre
  • Massage/Beauty Parlor
  • Restaurant/Food Courts
  • Banquet Hall
  • Cards/Billiards Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium/ Aerobics Centre
  • Tennis Courts
  • Shopping Complex
  • Bank ATMs
  • Playschool/Early Learning Centre
  • Health-care centre
  • State-of-the-art security systems

The below excerpt from the comments posted by one of our reader. Please confirm the same:

This is the email I received from DLF…..As per my ABA, I should have received the possession by August 2012.

And as per the email it says August 2013….So exactly 1 year delay.
Dear Customer,

Greetings from DLF.

We take this opportunity to thank you for making our maiden project in Bangalore – ‘Westend Heights’ a huge success. As of now, the overall project stands sold out except for 2 units.

We are uploading the photos in our website that show the construction progress, every month. Hope you are going through the same and getting yourself updated.

We were earlier planning to hand over the apartments starting from August 2012. The exact dates of handing over of apartments are based on the Apartment Buyer’s Agreement (ABA) signing date and hence would be different for each customer.

We are pleased to inform you that we hope to get the approval for the development of the civic amenities area (CA area) from the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) by 1st week of July, post which we will commence the construction of Club house.

As you are aware, we had taken various steps to speed up the construction of your apartments. We had a detailed review and based on the present speed of construction, we feel that we will start handing over apartments starting August 2013, subject to signing of occupancy certificate (OC) by the concerned Govt. authorities.

We want to share the revised date so that all our esteemed customers can plan their shifting into their new homes.

We will keep updating our web site as we keep progressing on the construction.

Thank you

With Regards

DLF Southern Homes


Updated: Latest Updates from DLF

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  1. raj s says


    Wish you all a happy new year.

    I was having a discussion with one of the DLF folks today. He has assured that the posessions will happen by this year end. Do you people agree with it? What do you think is the realistic timeframe for posessions?


  2. kumar says

    Hi Raj,
    Thank you, and wish you too a very happy new year.

    Well regarding the possession it looks very clear that it would be next year (2013) mid or later around Nov/Dec time-frame. They are yet to complete all the blocks with 19 floors, again there are interiors like electrical,plumbing,wooden flooring,vitrified layering,paintings, fittings&accessories etc which would take a long time for each flat. And apparently they would be giving all the flats for possession at same time.


  3. Raj says

    Wish you happy new year Raj and Kumar.

    As it is quite evident that DLF cannot give possession in July 2012 (as agreed with lot of customers). Do you think DLF will pay monthly rent as per agreement?


  4. Vishal says

    I have been following DLF Westend for some time now ( since they started offering flats at 1800/sqft. My assessment for this project is 1 out of 5. I also find it funny how people can say their property is worth 3500/sqft.. We all know these rates are super inflated. Actual price for flat in that area cannot be more that 2500 on higher end… Major issues flats is they are in middle of nowhere in an attempt to be close to everywhere. Look at the condition of roads either from Begur road or Bannnerghata road all are chocked!!!!! Imagine 10-15 towers with 19 floors and 4 flats per floor.. there would hardly be any space to walk on small roads leading to DLF.. that I guess was the reason of delay for BBMP approvals. DLF only had permisson for 4 floors but in an attempt to increase its profits towers were extended to 19 floors. BBMP would have said WTF!!!!!but by that time DLF had already started booking for 19 floors.. now after getting caught pants down they would have bribed someone for approvals( sound filmy but I think soo…).. In regards to completion of flat owners should wait till 2015-2016 atleast even then you won’t be having many facilities like club house,creche,water connection ( kaveri),electricity connection as these gets created once their are sizeable amount of ppl start staying in flats….as in BBMP won’t pay electricity billz for empty flats( many ppl would have relocated to other cities,US or just not able to move in imm) and so would poor man thinking of running any business there nyway these are my view I am sorry If I hurt u by saying this but sooner or later ppl should accept the reality…

  5. Vishal says

    just wanted to add something more as flat owner myself magic figure of 4000/sqft would be reachable in due time( maybe 2020) but by thattime u would have coughed up more money on interest for banks and rent for your current houses.

  6. Amitabh says

    Vishal, That was pessimism at it’s best… Take a deep breath.. Laugh out louder.. Eat the best food you like. Drive your parents/ wife/kids /GF/pet to a hill station.. Play the game u loved most and listens to the music you missed due to time pressures. You will feel better and take life more positively.

  7. Manish says

    Not Sure WHY such NEGATIVE remark from few but i visited the site and want to update a few things thats happening arnd:

    1. Road connectivity straight to bannerghatta road to Meenakshi Mall junction. Widened, Pitch work yet to be done.
    2. Road widening and pitch work leading to DLF site is in progress.
    3. Banks like Canara and SBI have already opened branches just next to DLF Site. Address on boards reflect DLF New Town, so the construction is already a landmark.
    4. Not mentioning the smaller builders, big players like Hiranandani, Mantri Pinacle are within a radius of 1.5 KM enroute to bannerghatta road to meenakshi mall. Villa and Tower projects are ongoing on the way to Electronic city also, approx 7 within 2.5 KM from DLF
    5. DLF Project layout in their site office now shows Phase 2 [only Villas]

    All in All i see it as a good place. Suggest others who do not feel so to sell their aparts and move on to their destination of choice. Wonder how blogging / cribbing helps.

    • Shekhar says

      I saw the layout model at the DLF new town construction office/site but didn’t see where they will be building their clubhouse/amenities. Will those amenities be shared with villa project or will the phase 1 (towers) have their own amenities and phase 2 (Villa) have their own?

  8. Karthik says

    I agree with Amitabh and Vishal. For those of you who ACTUALLY do not know what DLF is, please take a look at how they have changed the landscape in Gurgaon.

    Not sure what Vishal is trying to achieve here but look at the prices in and around Akshaya Nagar now and if you find anyone selling their land, even at such high prices, you’d be astonished to find that there are not many. I have lived in this area for over 10 years now and it is now that I feel that DLF has really changed the way things are here. Talk to anyone associated with DLF and they’ll tell you that all the units have almost sold out. Surely, about 2000 families haven’t got their calculations wrong. What’s more interesting is that the villas despite being highly priced are managing to get buyers.

    Construction is proceeding at a decent pace and there is every reason to believe that it’ll complete per schedule. Of course, there’ll be minor glitches but hey, show me one project in Blore that you can consider perfect.

    Stop the skepticism and let sanity prevail.

  9. Vishal Sood says

    I am sorry guyz.. I was in one of those moods .. I just wanted to say it would take some time for property to develop.Bigger the project there is more possibility of project to delay nyway DLF is the brand we trust I would request moderator to remove my above comments….thanks again.. :)

  10. ramesh k says


    d2 photos of 25 days back shows 7th floor in progress. if they have sent the notice for 9th floor, then hats off, its real good progress that dlf is making these days.


  11. manoj says

    There are lot of irregularities ,,,built on wrong/unfit soil(kharab bhoomi),aquired bbmp road,built on graveyard too…it can be seen in local kannada news paper “kannadaprabha” dated Jan 17-2012.when asked to govt officials they avoid to comment.

  12. mayank says

    Plz do not pollute the blog with such frivolous and bogus news. All large projects are prone to irregularities here and there. I have been around this area for more than 20 years and donot know about any such graveyards, etc. Cheap newspapers like the ones you mentioned there have vested interests (Backed by lobby) and are there to spread panic.

    • Shekhar says

      the project plan shows a Nallah criss-crossing through the project property. Is that being taken care of?

  13. mayank says

    On the contrary, I am sure that the rates will touch 4.5k to 5k psft in another one year when the possessions happen.

  14. says


    I have a flat at DLF westend heights to sell. Flat is located in D2 block at 11th floor. I am offering at reasonable price as i want to dispose it at the earliest. Work in progress- 9th floor completed. If any one is interested please mail me at girishpuranik19@gmail.com


    Girish Puranik

  15. Pradeep says

    Hi I have an offer on Dlf westend 6 th floor flat 1300 sqft for around 3650 per sq ft …Is it an worth price ?

  16. ramesh k says

    @Pradeep : Different ppl will have different views.
    I think wait for another 6 months and the rates would definitely touch 4000-4200.

  17. Ankur says

    hi i am interested in buying a 3bhk in dlf westend heights
    Anyone looking to sell pls write to me at my email or call @8095595433


  18. Nair says

    Guys – i was not able to access DLF website, getting some strange ‘caching proxy’ domain error.. http://www.dlf.in/
    Any one else able to access it? Wondering whats going on, just read on news their Q3 profit dropped 45%.. anything to worry???

  19. ashish says

    @Ashish: Please dont worry. DLF is still a big profit making company. Share prices/profits may fluctuate but companies fundamentals remain the same.

  20. says

    There is a bad news. I am living in Chennai and keeping a very close tab on DLF Chennai. The rates and alignement of the DLF Chennai project is very much like DLF Bangalore and they also operate in the very same manner. I have heard from my friends who have booked flats in DLF Chennai, that DLF is levying extra charges of 3-4 lacs(Rs 240 psft) with the final demand notice citing local authority related charges. This has been charged besides what is mentioned in the agreement and the consumers are thinking about taking this to arbitration. I guess when DLF Bangalore possession starts, same will happen with us. Does anybody have idea on it? If possible can somebody get a confirmation on it as well?

  21. says

    Latest construction pics have been uploaded. The pace looks impressive. Especially for C and D blocks, there seems to be an urgency. All the C and D blocks have witnessed increase of 2 floors this month.


  22. Sandip says

    @Rakesh – I don’t think DLF or any builder can levy such charges at the end of the completion of the flat.It will be as per the agreed price when it was sold.

  23. vicks says

    Guys : Anybody started claiming this…. !!!

    DLF was supposed to give possession within 3 years or pay @ Rs 5/ sq feet pm for delayed possession.
    Anybody started claiming this.

    We need to take it up jointly to enforce this….I had taken this up but did not followup it up…..Thought of seeking opinion before taking it forward again.

    • rawal says

      If I recall right, the 3 year period is to be reckoned from ABA (after BBMP approvals). ABA for our apt. in D2 was made around Feb’2010, thereby the 3 year period ending Jan’13.

      Is the ABA clause and signing timeframe similar for others as well?

      Rgds, Rawal

  24. vicks says


    Its 3 years from the signoff of the ABA and hence enforcable….We need to jointly take it up.

  25. Raj says

    I dropped an e-mail to DLF for this and got to know that this adjustment will be done in last installment, if applicable.


  26. says


    We should try fining if the reference date would be 3 years from booking of apartment OR 3 years from DLF getting BBMP approval. This in itself makes a diferenece of somewhere around 1.5 lac.


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