EPF (PF) Transfer and Form 13

In this article I will be writing about the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) or PF transfer from one employer to another employer and what is the use of Form 13 . Job change is very normal in these days, so it become common for every one to transfer their Provident Fund(PF) to the new employer’s organizations. To do that, there is certain processes to be followed and it can be varied if the employer has their own PF trust for their employees. Any employer can maintain their own PF trust with government’s approval. This blog writes in detail about the PF and how to transfer from one employer from another. Please subscribe to our future articles here. Also join us in the face book fans page to write your comments.

What is Provident Fund (PF)?

Provident Fund (PF) Management

  • The Employee Provident Fund(EPF), or provident fund as it is normally referred to, is a retirement benefit scheme that is available to salaried employees.
  • Under this scheme, a stipulated amount (currently 12%) is deducted from the employee’s salary and contributed towards the fund. This amount is decided by the government.
  • The employer also contributes an equal amount to the fund.
  • However, an employee can contribute more than the stipulated amount if the scheme allows for it. So, let’s say the employee decides 15% must be deducted towards the EPF. In this case, the employer is not obligated to pay any contribution over and above the amount as stipulated, which is 12%.
  • If you urgently need the money, you can take a loan on your PF.
  • You can also make a premature withdrawal on the condition that you are withdrawing the money for your daughter’s wedding (not son or not even yours) or you are buying a home.
  • To find out the details, you will have to talk to your employer and then get in touch with the EPF office (your employer will help you out with this).

Return on Investment

Interest will be calculated for the amount deposited into the PF scheme. The rate of interest is 9.5% (updated) at present (revised rates on PF), this rate will be decided by the govt. on the budget times. The interest payable also will be added into the PF amount. Note that, the interest is monthly cumulative.

Another bad news is that, if the PF account is idle for more than three years, they there will not be any interest paid for that account. That means if you leave a company and leave the PF account. It will earn the interest for first three years.

Tax Exemption on PF

  • The amount you invest is eligible for deduction under the Rs 1,00,000 limit of Section 80C.
  • If you have worked continuously for a period of five years, the withdrawal of PF is not taxed.
  • If you have not worked for at least five years, but the PF has been transferred to the new employer, then too it is not taxed. The tenure of employment with the new employer is included in computing the total of five years. If you withdraw it before completion of five years, it is taxed.
  • But if your employment is terminated due to ill-health, the PF withdrawal is not taxed.

What is Form 13?

Form 13 is used for transferring your PF account from one employer to the another employer. You can download the form 13 from here. When you need to transfer the provident fund to another company, you have to fill the form 13 and give to the new employer.  The new employer will start the process and send your application to the provident office of the region. This process normally takes few months.


This blog would have been useful for the readers who are looking for the basic knowledge on the provident fund and looking for the process on transferring to the new employer. You can download the form and read the instructions provided on that to understand it more. If you have any doubts please post it here and I will be answering all the questions.

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  1. Sandeep Karmakar says

    I have gone through this bloge for filling of PF Form-13 there are some confussion in filling of this form:
    1. Here in point no.-12 of form (By whom the EPF account of the member in the present establishment is kept): it is totally confusion for me.
    2. Here in point no.-13 of form (By whom the FPF account of the member in the present establishment is kept): it is totally confusion for me.
    3. Here in point no.-14 of form (In whose favour transfer is to be effected i.e. payee’s details): What should fill here.

    • sandeep says

      hi Sandeep,
      point no.-12 of form (By whom the EPF account of the member in the present establishment is kept)
      -we have 4 options what type of employer u have u write ur employer name means Company name what type of u have.

  2. sankar says

    I was employed with “employer X” from 29 June 2005 to 15 October 2007.
    Then I was employed with “employer Y” from 16 October 2007 to 24 December 2009
    I then got employed with “employer Z” from 11 January 2010 till date.

    During this period my EPF account number has changed with each new employer. But I never withdrew any amount. Each time I transferred the amount to the new EPF account with the respective employer.

    How old is my EPF membership? Can I apply for advance with form 31 for purchase of a dwelling flat?

  3. senthil says

    Can u please provide, filled sample FORM13 , i have to transfer my PF to current working Org. from old worked organization.

  4. Prateek Sharma says

    Hi Krishna!

    Can you please tell me what could happen if I do not tell my new employer about my previous PF account (closed but still in the 60 days period) ??

  5. mohit says

    I recently switched from company A to Company B (Both of my employer provide EPF Facility). I don’t required cash at the moment, Can you please let me know what I should do for my EPF amount so that I can get max beneficiary. I was last employer with my last organization with around 4.5+ Year (>5Y).

    1) I heard, sometimes it took more than 1Y to transfer funds from employer A to employer B, some time more than that as have seen that example.
    2) Can I continue my Employer EPF account no issued by A with new employer say B.
    3) If I request to transfer EPF amount from A->B, What will happen with the pension amount means will benefit (after retirement) be the same?
    4) If I opt for withdraw of EPF amount, 10% tax I hv to pay, And wil I also get my pension amount accumulated?
    5) Till what time my account will be active as no money will be deposited now on-wards into that account? (Time for account be dormant)
    5) In next 4-5M, my emp -A EPF account will complete 5Y, if I wait for that time, and request later, So will I get all my money back as a tax free?

    Thank you very much for your help,

    Looking forward positive reply from your side,

  6. says


    suppose, one employee has been working since Jan 2009 to till date with onw industry. He had got one pf no at the stat time. after that he has got the new pf no. That industry doesn’t provide any account no to that employee. He is gating his salary by cash.

    Q- Can he get the old & new no’s of PF amount?
    Q- Would he have to fill towo PF forms to get the old & new PF’s amount?

    Please let me know what exact process to get both PF amount.

  7. Raj Kamal says

    PF Office needs to improve their response time. PF Slips are issued very late and after rigorous follow-up.

    Raj Kamal

  8. Mayur Patel says

    My self is Mayur Patel, l worked with my previous
    employer for 14 years(01feb.93 to 31jan.2007)
    during my tenture with previous employer(03 years
    prior to employee pension scheme 1995 & 11 years
    after scheme in 1995) i got scheme certificate
    from regional P.F office for eligible service for 14
    years i.e pensionable service for 11 years+ past
    service up to 15.11.1995 was 03 years
    then, after i joined un-other employer in aug.2007
    with diff p.f no. & certificate from employee pension
    scheme 1995, is still with me (as on 25.12.2011)
    please guide me whether, i need to submit this
    certificate to pf office right now for best benifit or to be
    submit at the leving the present employee or at
    the end(at the time of retirement)
    please guide me,
    Mayur Patel

  9. Venkatgiri says

    I have some doubts regarding PF withdrawal.

    in financial year 2010 -2011 i have changed two companies .I have not withdrawn / transferred both of my PF account.

    Sep 2006-Nov 2009- 1st organisation
    Nov 2009- Nov 2010- 2nd organisation
    Nov 2010 currently working – joined 3rd organisation

    I have left my 1st organisation on Nov 2009.my pf account is less than 5 years tenure.

    If i withdraw amount now whether amount credited will be taxed ?.
    if yes how much percentage tax will be deducted.?

    my first pf account was opened on Sep 2006 and from Nov 2009 it is inoperative.
    If I withdraw amount after Dec 2011 whether it will not be taxable?

    Is it possible to transfer two pf accounts (1st and 2 nd organisation)to my current employers PF accounts?

    Thanks in advance


    • subhash shrivastav says

      no please dont transfer the amount to the new a/c if u will transfer the amount so u will face so much problem b’coz pf department do not confirm the status of the transfer amount so i will suggested to u that withdraw the amount & invest in other place.

      Subhash Shrivastav
      Asst. Manager HR

      • says

        Hello Venkatgiri,

        Yes. You can transfer your PF amount to your new account. That is good decision since withdrawing would attract the income tax. PF office may not send the status promptly, even if delayed, the amount will be transferred without any problem.

        Don’t withdraw PF money unless it is necessary.


        • Kamesh says

          HI Krishna,

          Please let me know the benefits of PF withdrawal apart from the Income Tax if any are there. Will the Interest rate varies from withdrawal and transfer?

          Thanks in advance for your kind support.


      • Kamesh says

        But it takes more time. Min 6 months to one year or more than that also. But Finally transfer will happen for sure.

  10. Umesh says

    I left my old organisation from Nov-2011 and present employer is applied for new PF and not yet received the code, but i wanted to transfer my pf account of about 7 years to present employer. Pls. advise me how to go about it and is there any stipulated period for transfer of PF account. Our Present employer says that it takes one or two months to get them an PF code. Pls. advise me how to go about?

  11. Ashwini Bhosale says

    Dear Sir,
    Actully i had submitted my pf transfer form 13 in june month but how can i know about weather it transfer or not. I visit pf office also but they were asking that tell me the person to whom you had given that form but i have given that form to consultant now that consultant is saying that you shout contact your old company & get information that whether it transfer from old account or not. what can i do now?

  12. says

    Hello Ashwini Bhosale,

    Normally the PF transfer should happen from your new employer. You have to submit the form 13 to your new employer, they will take forward to transfer your PF money. Please check it.


  13. Sai says

    Hi ,

    I submitted form 13 to my present organisation and they are saying they need form 3a from previous organisation and forwarded it to that organisation. but previous employer told me they would not provide any form 3a for pf transfer and they told me to ask my present employer to submit form13 in pf office . both are not agreeing to each other .is form 3a compulsory for pf transfer ? please mail me.

    Names in my pf account and bank account are different ,so i opted for pf transfer instead of withdrawal. Thanks for the help in advance

  14. Krishna says

    Dear sir,

    I was employed with company X from Jan 2002 to May 2006(Mumbai).
    From May 2006, I switched to Company Y and worked untill Sep 2007(Delhi).
    From Sep 2007 to untill now I am working with Company Z(Mumbai).

    Company X was holding the PF amount in their own Trust at mumbai.
    Now when I left company X in 2006 I requested company
    X for the transfer to delhi PF office,They send the PF amount via check in the name of DElhi EPF office,which my company Y deposited to delhi EPF office along with the annexure ‘K’.we though the transfer was complete.
    But then after leaving the company Y, I came to know the transfer wasn’t complete though the check amount was already cleared by DElhi PF office but was not credited to my delhi EPF account.
    Upon enquiries they said they did not recieve form 13.
    I then send Form 13 to company Y asking for the transfer to be completed but recenlty I got an SMS on mobile sating that the transfer was rejected.
    Please suggest what to do.
    Thanks in Advance for your time taken to read and answer the query.

  15. vishu says

    Hi ,

    I left my last to last company in just 5 month duration, So can i know tranfer the amount of old PF in current PF account

  16. AJAY R. says

    Dear sir,
    I submitted form 13 on july 2012 to my present organisation and they are saying enquiry on Net or enquiry in pf office, Plase confirm how can i check my pf account transfer status it is transfer or not. Please confirm process.

    Ajay R.

    • Kamesh says


      I guess you are the employee of Adecco India Pvt Ltd.. It takes min 6 months to one year to clear. Mean while please go to epfindia.com and select know your claim status. You will get to know what is happening.


  17. Mandeep Singh says

    I recently switched from company A to Company B (Both of my employer provide EPF Facility). Can you please let me know what I should do for my EPF amount so that I can get max beneficiary. I was employed with my last organization for around 4 Year (>5Y).

    1) Can I continue my Employer EPF account no issued by A with new employer say B.
    2) If I request to transfer EPF amount from A->B, What will happen with the pension amount? Will the benefits remain the same after transfer or retirement?

    Thank you very much for your help,

    Looking forward to a positive reply from your side,
    -Mandeep Singh

  18. Shine Kumar says

    For our Ltd.Companies some employees in Govt. and some employees in Trust. We have plan for Unexempted (Govt) employees transfer to Exempted (Trust) category.

    Pl suggest,what is the procedure for documentation. Pl give full details asap.

    Thanks & Regards,

  19. Sachin says


    I hv received a msg from EPFO..as on 1st nov..regarding claim form 13 for transfer for member acct….DSNHP00273530000007521…and claim id-DSNHP121100000872 IS under process…
    as on 22 nov i have received the same msg for rejection…plz let me know what is this because i do not understand this because i have left my previous compny in oct..and i have not fill any kind of form..

  20. MouleswaraRao says

    I have worked in 3 companies from the past 6 years. They all had their own P.F Trusts. I never withdrew the PF from them.
    Now I want to Transfer the amounts from the previous 2 companies to my new Company.
    Can I use Form 13 to Transfer the accumulated PF and submit to previous employers ?
    As I have completed a Total of 6 years (>5 years), will my Withdrawal of this accumulated PF, be Taxable ?

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