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Today’s post is response to question received from our reader. The topic is how to transfer the PF balance and opening the PPF account. Please write your questions here.

Question : 001


This query is regarding the PF transfer. When i left my previous employer, it was in integration with another company. Hence out of 2 years service in previous employer, 23 months PF is accumlated in Chennai PF office and wherein the 24th PF is with the integrated company’s PF trust. Almost 1.5 years have gone, when i submitted my application for PF withdrawal, my previous company said, as the PF migration from Cheenai office to Mumbai is going on, i can able to transfer only after full migration. Hence I waited. But when i checked with chennai PF office , they said the PF account migration process is not even started.

I have also got mail from Regional PF office on 7th Spetember 2009 which asked me to submit the FORM 13 for getting the money transferred.

  • I would like to transfer this money to my current employer. How can i do that?
  • Also I would like to invest in PPF , what is the procedure and what are the advantages?

Regards, Subha.K

Answer :

Hello Subha,

Thank you for writing to us. When considering the PF amount, you need not worry about the safety of the amount.  In your case you have to transfer the PF from your previous employer to new employer. Form 13 is used for transferring the PF account. Please follow the steps to complete your transfer process.

1. Form 13

Get the Form 13 from here.

2. EPF account Number

Fill all the details in the from including Current PF account number given by your employer and the previous company PF account number.

3. Submit Form 13

Submit the form 13 to the new employer. Your new employer will start the processing and send the form to your previous employer. They will verify the details and send to the regional PF office.

4. PF Transfer

Once if PF office received the form, they will transfer the money to new account.

It is the normal process for transferring the PF amount. I hope this explanation cleared your doubts on PF transfer.

Opening PPF account

I have already written more about PPF under the topic Tax Planning for 2009. Please read the article and if you have any doubts please post it in the comments section.

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  1. venkata says

    Is there any way in which we can transfer the EPF withdrawl into the PPF account? I am planning to leave the current organization but not sure if i will join any other employer within 3-6 months time. I want to save the tax deduction that will happen during the EPF closure.

  2. says

    Hello venkata ,

    No. EPF and PPF are seperate account. PPF has set of rules that is totally different from the EPF. I would suggets you to keep the EPF in the same account. Need not withdraw till you join the next company.


  3. Daya Shankar says

    I want to know that If my previous company has closed and I have not transferred the EPF money in new employer then can i get my money from previous EPF A/c.

    Waiting for your response.

  4. says

    Hello Daya Shankar,

    It is your previous companies responsibility to give you the PF amount. If you find any problem please contact the loacal PF office because it should be maintained by the PF office itself.


  5. Vimal says


    This is a query regarding my EPF Money Transfer.
    I worked for a company in Hyderabad for almost 6 months. I left the organisation without closing all the issues as we had disputes. So, they are not ready to help in closing or transferring my EPF account.

    Now, I work for another company in Bangalore. And, I want to transfer my old EPF account to the new account in Bangalore. Can you please help me out with the processes. I expect that my previous employer will not help me anyway.


    • says

      Hello Vimal,

      Even If you have disputes, your previous employer must transfer your PF amount to the new employer. Do you have the PF details?. In this case fill the form 13 and submit to the new employer. They will take care of completing the process. If you are trouble in getting the PF details, please contact the local PF office and report them. Your previous employer is maintaining their own private trust or not?


  6. says

    Hi Now i joined in new company, I worked exactly 20months in prevoius company. I want to know If i transfer my amount to current organization, will i get previous company contribution amount?(apart from my contribution). Is there any rules to get company contribution or defaultly company contrubuted amount will credit while claiming?. Here they opened new account in EPF with out asking to me.

    I have one more question. Which will be an better choice, Continuing old account number or creating new account?.

  7. neha says

    sir i m 23 n worked in SBI as clerk…..is it beneficial to open an PPF a/c in my bank????? i mean what r the advantages to open PPF a/c??

  8. KK says

    i want to know the names of the banks in india, other than SBI, PNB, post office, that has PPF account.
    moreover, can HUF have a PPF account.? thank you

  9. dibyajyoti says

    I left company A in 2008 and joined company B.
    I did not request for the PF transfer from A to B.
    Now I left company B in 2009 and joined company C.
    As per the rules, since I am employed, I can not withdraw PF from company A.
    I want to do pf transfer from A to C now in 2010.
    Can I do this pf transfer ? How much time it normally takes for this?

  10. sohan says

    Hi,Can I transfer only the sum from the previous pf account to the current pf account, as my current employer has already opened new pf account for you.If yes, whats the procedure for that?


  11. Gomathy says

    I had applied for PF transfer. But before I could get a confirmation about the status I had to quit my job. Please guide me as to how to find out if my PF has been transferred.

    Regards, Gomathy

  12. rajesh b.kavale says

    hi, i resaine my job in feb 11, i wanted to know that my pf amount can be transfer to my new ppf account is it posible?

  13. Partha says


    I have a query regarding PF transfer.I have joined a new company six months back & want to tansfer my PF from my previous employee where is worked for almost 4 years,i have already filled up fro 13 & submitted to my current employee which they had sent to my previous employee & now they are in the process of transfering my PF.I understand that my previous employee will verify the details and send it to the regional PF office & from there regional PF office will transfer the money to new account.My query is since my new employee PF a/c is with karnataka govt & my previous employee PF is with mumbai PF office,how will the Mumbai regional PF office will know to which PF account they need to tansfer the money?

  14. rinky mukherjee says

    hi there,

    i have an unique problem regarding my EPF a/c. last feb’11 i have joind a new organization, they have opened a new PF a/c for me where i want to transfer my PF from the prev comp. but the prob is tht though my prev employer had deducted a certain amt from my salary every month mentioning as EPF they havent mentioned the PF a/c detail ever in any of its employee’s salary slip till date. as a result till today no one hae been able to retrieve their PF frm this comp. but my qu is there must be some way to resolve this issue. hence its a req from all the employee’s of this comp. as well as mine also to help me out with the solution of this prob as soon as possible. if there’s any dept/ commitee who can help me out in this regard plz provide me with the address or ph no of tht dept also.

  15. rinky mukherjee says

    how soon can a employee apply for a EPF transfer & EPF withdrwal process from his/her last resignation date?

  16. dipesh says

    hello krishnaji,

    i want to know that i deposited some amount like 50,000 continuesly for 3 year in my PPF account.it may be total 1,50,000.

    incase of emergency how can i withdrawal (full amount with intrest.) it ?

  17. vishal Pandit says

    i worked in a company for 2 months and then i resigned. then after 6 months i got offer from some other company but i didnt showed the experience of previous company as it was of 2 months. should i have new PF no. for new company or should i give the old one where i worked but that can create the problem as i didnt showed the experience. what to do in such a case.

  18. says

    My prevoius employer is not verifying my PF account and I want to transfer my prevoius PF to my new PF account.So,in this case if prevous employer doesnot verifies my documents then it will not be transferred to my new account??????

  19. Amar says


    I have worked in Company A for 1.5 years.Then I joined company B,where i applied for the PF transfer of my prev. employer(Company A).Then after 8 months, I joined company C.

    Now,my question is: Can i apply for PF transfer of prev. employer in my current company immediately after joining or should i wait till my previous PF transfer(A To B) is fully processed?

  20. Leela Dhar says

    Please send the PF prossess (new accounts open to Deposite pf)

    Thanks & Regard
    Leela Dhar Gaur
    +91 8800760586

  21. Anamika says

    I have joined a new company which do not have the concept of EPF. In this case, what can I do with my EPF account with previous employer. If I withdraw, will it be subject to tax ?

  22. AMIT BAJEKAL says


    Can I trf my RPFC a/c balance to my friend’s RPFC a/c.
    I have worked with HDFC Bank for 12.3 years .Since I have worked above 10 years my epf balance is trf to pension scheme and i cannot withdraw my epf balance outstanding in Bandra EPFO .I resigned HDFC Bank in May 2010 and currently employed . I need the balance lying in my Bandra EPFO a/c for personal use …What is the other alternative for claiming my balance in epf a/c …can i trf my balance to my friend efc a/c ? ….can i awail loan against my balance in epf a/c ?

    Pl reply at the earliest

    Amit Bajekal
    Mobile no +91-9930700525

  23. mukesh says

    i have been working in a PSU for 4.5 years & very soon i am going to join central govt. sir i want to know that is it possible to transfer of PF from PSU to CG? if yes then what is the procedure, if it is not possible then on withdrawal of money how tax shall be calculated?

  24. Tarun Gupta says


    This query is regarding the PF transfer. I had left my previous employer. After 2 years of service in previous employer, 25 months PF is accumlated in Chennai PF office .
    My new employer, in punjab, is not associated with the PF.
    When i submitted my application for PF withdrawal, my previous company said, Chennai PF office has restricted withdrawl option from PF account,
    i can only able to transfer only.

    I would like to withdraw this money. How can i do that?

    Also I would like to know If PF department can transfer this amount into my PPF account , what is the procedure and what are the advantages?

  25. shailendra says

    Dear Sir,
    I was employed in a Company & left that company in 2010 ,now i am doing my own business before start my own business i was applied for PF transfer form ,now received the form 13 ,i am not able to transfer the amount or withdrawl the same.
    pls suggest me that can i transfer my EPF amount into existing PPF account, i have already taken form no 13 A from my previous employee.
    I have checked the PF status for withdrawl.

  26. Mahesh says

    What will happen if an employee discontinue from Job and retain the PF as it is as investment and take in future. Will he get the interest benefit till the date he take ? and what if employer will close the company in this case will he still be getting the PF where he left how is work.

    Thanks in advance


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