HDFC Bank charges for NEFT Transactions

In our previous articles I have written about the NEFT charges by ICICI Bank. Later they have withdraw the charges. It is known that SBI bank is already charging for the online transactions. Nowadays many banks started looking for the new ways to make money from the online account. It is obviously not good for the customers, who can save lot of time by doing the online transactions.

Now it is the time for HDFC bank to roll out the new charges for NEFT transaction. They have clearly mentioned in the site’s home page itself. It reads as

Update: No Charges if you have salary account with HDFC

  • ´╗┐Effective 16th January, 2010, NEFT transactions on NetBanking would be charged as below:
    • Upto Rs. 1 lac. – Rs. 5 (inclusive of taxes) per transaction .
    • Rs. 1 lac and above – Rs. 25 (inclusive of taxes) per transaction.
  • Effective 16th January, 2010, RTGS transactions on NetBanking would be charged at Rs. 25 (inclusive of taxes) per transaction.
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  1. Vijendra Kumar H. says

    Yes this is true. Even though RBI is giving this service for free to all the banks till 31st Mar 2010, banks have already started charging for this service. SBI came first in charging and now HDFC :-(
    Infact banks save money as these kinds of transactions avoid branch transactions which require man power…still don’t know why banks charge :-(

  2. debkumar says

    This is indeed a bad news for those who transfer money on line. I am a victim of this today, I don’t know why HDFC charges for netbanking we are esponsible for the service, we are doing the rest of the job, not HDFC, other private sectors like ICICI & KVP it’s free but HDFC is charging. Is it an extra-ordinery bank in India?

    I am thinking withdrawal all my money from HDFC and to put in ICICI,
    i am a salary account holder but still they have charged the amount. We should not give then a single penny, what we deserve we will take it back.

    It’s indeed a bad news.

  3. Girish says

    every month they are charging some amount for doing transaction in another bank.. but tis hdfs officials told to me tht they ill not chare for salary account but now they are deducting money from my account… we cant trust tem

  4. Mohammad khan says

    There is no use in taking HDFC Account whether it may be salary Account purpose or any other purpose.They are charging like anything and there is no proper response from those employees.They say something and they do something.Better to go for other banks like ICICI, KOTAK, YES as they are having better options than HDFC.I am facing lot many trouble with HDFC.Its a waste one as far as I am concerned.

  5. Rajat says

    I have been using YES bank since last 1 year and find its services much better then any of the other banks i used before.

  6. Umang says


    I have been victim of such charges twice with HDFC bank. Though they said it is not applicable for Salary employee but they still charges. Also response is very poor and pathetic.

    I am using Citi bank now, they do not charge anything or such transaction.

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