How to apply for CIBIL report online?

I have earlier written about the articles on credit report and improving the credit history. In India, all the banks made it necessary to check the CIBIL report before approving the loan applications for the customers. So, it becomes necessary to every individual to have the proper understanding on the CIBIL report and how it would impact their eligibility of getting the loans.

CIBIL is coming up with new ways to improve their service. When they started in India, it is only possible to get your credit report through the post. Recently they have introduced the online facility to make the payment and get the credit report through your nail box. This article explores the step by step process to apply the credit report online. If you have any doubts, please post it in the comments section. Subscribe to our future articles here.

Login to the CIBIL Website

As a first step, you have to login to the CIBIL’s website. You would find the lot of options in the home page. Using CIBIL‘s website a company can become member of the CIBIL, become partner or existing customers can resolve their issues in the CIBIL report.

In the above screen click on the “Consume Home“, the following screen will be shown to you.

The above screen shows that you can apply for the credit score of your company or if you are an individual please click on the link “Consumer“. The following screen will be shown to the user.


Process to Get the CIBIL Report

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In the above screen you would see the list of options in the left hand side. You have to move the mouse cursor to the “Order“, then it will expand and another two menus “Credit Score” and “Company Credit Score” will be shown to the user. Please click on the menu “Credit Score“, it will take the user to the following page.

This page would show the process of getting the CIBIL report. The following are the steps for getting the credit report:

  • Complete the request form in online (which is shown in the next screen)
  • Make the payment through net banking.
  • After making the online payment, you would receive the unique CIBIL  registration id and transaction id.
  • Then it would ask you the five questions about your financial transaction like you loan amount, past EMI, etc. If you could answer all the questions correctly, then the authentication would be successful and you could get the report within a week.
  • If you cannot answer the questions then the authentication will be failed. In that case, you have to send them manually your PAN card and other requested details through post to get the credit score.

Online Payment for CIBIL Report

In the above screen click on the “Buy Now” button. It will take you to the online request form which you need to fill your details.

Once fill your details, please click on the “Click for on-line Payment” button to make the payment. After you make the payment the following screen will shown to you.

In the next pages you would be asked five questions which will be presented in the objective type questions. That means they provide multiple options for each questions and you have to choose one right answer. If you are able to answer all the questions. The following screen would appear and your credit score report will be processed and sent to you within a week.


I hope this article would have provided more details on the step by step process to apply for the CIBIL report. In next next couple of years, the need for the credit score for any kind credit facility would become mandatory. If you are not having the decent record on your loan repayment or your credit card usage, it would drastically affect your loan eligibility. If you have any doubts, please post it in the comments section.

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  1. says

    Why cibil has not displayed MEMBER NAME & ACCOUNT NUMBER. Only in CIBIL Report Bank of India’s name displayed. Your site show only TYPE : CREDIT CARD. This things CIBIL members confused. So, why CIBIL not show the MEMBER NAME & ACCOUNT NUMBER.

  2. m srinivasa reddy says

    how to register in cibil?….the ‘Consumer’ category is not displaying any registration column…

      • venu manohar says

        I followed the things expalined by you. After completion of payment, there was a questionair for Authentication verification. After completion of that, it said that my authentication was not successful and asking mr to mail them the online payment confirmation with my identity and address proof.

        In this case, should I send scanned documents to or registerpost/courier the signed documents to the Nariman Point address?

        Please let me know.
        Venu Manohar Poludasu

    • says

      Hello shivaprasad,

      If you want to know the loan balance, please talk to the bank branch. There is no need to apply for the CIBIL report.


  3. Bala says


    I live in the US for the past 7 years. This morning I wanted to check my CIBIL score. I entered my information online. After paying 470 Rs, I see a screen that says “Your authentication is not available online”.

    It is not authentication failed but the authentication itself is not available.

    What does it mean? Does it mean my record itself is unavailable?


  4. prakash says

    Recently i have applied for Personal loan with ICICI bank through online banking. After 2-3 days they rejected my request and Mentioned Below.
    We thank you for your interest / application for Personal Loan specified in the aforesaid application. We have examined the application, inter alia on the following criteria (which does not necessarily imply your adverse creditworthiness):
    • Eligibility criteria of ICICI Bank
    • Viability of proposed purposes of the credit facility
    • Past borrowings of the applicant
    • Prior experience of the applicant in respect of the proposed purposes
    • Regulatory and statutory provisions governing ICICI Bank
    I have requested to bank for Providing the Proof and clarification for the same. Ans awaited!!

    I have requested to TP for a Providing a Home Loan for any bank. after putting the request with Portal i got a call from Executive She said to Me.
    1. One 10,000K EMI is already going on, from name
    2. one credit card issue is There.

    Plz help and advice:-
    1. i have only one salary account with ICICI bank, Which is Running since six year.
    2. I have not taken any kind of loan till now even not given any request for Loan.
    3. I have never used any credit card and i don’t have credit card also





  5. ravi kumar says

    i have housing loan from CORPORATION BANK,in the month of nov2012 bank has presented two cheques in that month,by which one cheque was returned,same happened in next month also,now when i want to go for any other loans CIBIL,report says cheque bounce,what is the best i can do & what should CORPORATION BANK do to have this negetive report nullified or should i sue the bank for this lapse twice which is affecting my credibility.past also when i brought houses in HDFC bank and ICICI bamk no cheques bounced,no bounces for car loan also,so please suggest

    • says

      ravi kumar,

      Check bouncing is one of the very serious negative impact on the loan approvals. The CIBIL report simply mark this as the negative, it is customers responsibility to make sure no checks got bounced.

      Now, it is good idea to contact the CIBIL and ask for the correction or any suggestion. There is no general suggestion which can be provided here. This is a difficult situation, you have to contact your corporation bank and CIBIL to make the report correct.

      Normally banks has to rectify the mistakes if they have done any mistake.


  6. Ajay says

    In my Cibil report it shows auto loan of 2005, but i did not taken any loan in 2005, so what is the proceger to know which bank loan its desplay

    • says

      Hello Ajay,

      It may show the query made for Auto loans too. Please provide more details whether its only query or the sanctioned loan.

      If its only query then you need not worry.


  7. MVLS PRAKASH says

    Dear Sir,

    If we apply individual CIBIL Report can we get the details of Banks name and Account number etc.? As my bank told me that there is a written off account in your cibil report. But I could not get the details. How to know the details of bank ?? Please provide the information …



  8. Pradeep says

    Hello Sir

    Before two years back I took HDFC Credit card and its end date is Dec 2013. It has a Credit Limit of 80,000. But sometimes I used above credit Limit and I paid minimum due and Over Limit fee also

    Moreover from the last one year my total due is full, i.e 80,000. Every month I paid only minimum due and again I used the credit card. So the next month statement shows full Outstanding amount 80,000. Due to some problems, every month I paid minimum amount due+ Over limit Fee + some times Late Fee.There is no Last month Dues in my statements

    My due date is 2nd of every month and my bill generated date is 12th of every month and usually I paid minimum due on 5tth..But I paid it every month before the next month bill generation. I planned to pay full outstanding amount80,000 before the cards end date

    Does this effect my CIBIL Score. Please help m

  9. Sukhvindar singh says

    My loan was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review

  10. Syed says

    Thank you for looking an ad regarding cibil we provide personal loan, credit card, HOME LOANS for the customers who have the cibil score above 650 and also we do take care of settlement part and closure and also in updating the status closed and settled in the report and improving the cibil score within 30days of time so please contact soon syed 8095355329

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