How to Pay LIC premium online?

In India, LIC is the leading life insurance provider and people have the good faith on LIC because it is controlled by the government. But, when it comes to the services and extra features provided by the LIC is behind their private counterparts. One such thing is the online payment of the insurance premium, still many policy holders not aware of the LIC’s online premium payment and depend on the agents. It is because LIC has not taken any step to promote their portal. post your comments in the facbook fans page.

This article explores the steps needed for the making the LIC premium through its online channel.  I hope this article might be helpful to most of the readers because almost everyone has own LIC policies for them. Most of the people think that paying the LIC premium is only through agents or directly to the LIC office. But, paying through LIC’s official website would be hassle free and saves you lot of time. Moreover you can pay many policies in the single account (but it is not recommended by LIC). You can read the following stpes to make the LIC premium online.

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Step 1 : How to create User Name in LIC website?

Go to website To make the payment online you must have username and password. Create new use account using this link :


Step 2 : Enroll policy

After creating the user account, you can login to the portal with the new created username. Once logged in you have to add your policy number to retrieve the policy details. In the left side menu you will find “Enroll Polices” link. Click on that link and add your policy number and the premium amount.


Step 3 : View Policy details

If you enroll a policy, then you will be able to view all the details related to that policy. It includes policy started date, sum assured, plan, policy term, address, premium, next premium due, accrued bonus, branch and agent details. The following is the screen that shows the above details:


Step 4 : Pay LIC Premium

Now you are ready to make the payment online. Click on the ‘Pay Premium Online” link and you will see a list of policies you have enrolled in your account. Select the policies which you want to enroll and click on the submit button. It will be landing to the payment gateway site where you will be making the payment. Once payment is done, you will be returning to the same webpage.



Step 5 : Debit Card / Credit Card

It is an update to the existing article. When I first published the article, there is no provision to pay the LIC premium using the credit card. When I checked it recently, they have included the option for paying through debit card or the credit card. Once you have clicked the submit button, the next screen will show you the option to pay through credit card or debit card.

Step 6 : Service Charges

In the above step you have selected the option to pay through online. Either of the options, customer have to pay the convenience fees to the LIC for processing the payment. Customer will be taken to the following screen:

If you click on the agree button, you will be taken to the card details page and the next step your payment will be processed.

Step 7 : View Premium Receipt

You can view the premium receipt anytime. It is one of the advantage if we are making the payment online. We can keep the receipts safely and take the printouts anytime. The copy of the receipts will be sent to your email-id which is registered with your policy number.


You have to create separate user id if you are enrolling policy for different persons. It is because the system will not allow you to enroll the policy if the profile birth date and enrolled policy holder’s birth date does not match. They also suggested to use the separate user id for each person.


I hope this article will be useful for the readers who want to pay the LIC premium online. The good thing is that now LIC has added the option to pay using the credit card. If you have any doubts please post it in the comments section. The site doesn’t have the option to pay using the credit card. You must has the online banking account with any of the Indian bank to pay the premium online. Like explained in the above article, you can add any number of policies in the same username. Thank you for reading the article!!

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  1. Rahul says

    Hello Sir

    I want to pay online my premium but there is a doubt in my mind.
    After paying online how would i get the receipt.I request you to please make me know about it.

    Thank you

  2. karthik says

    iam not able to pay premium online. its always telling the bad name on card. but iam entering the proper name on the card only. but its now accepting. iam paying all payment by online only. those are all very easy to pay. please improve your software.

  3. Rahul says

    My card doesn’t contain a name,its a pnb master card
    I m writing my account name in place of Card name
    I m getting error through mail “Acquirer Declined”
    Nd when i click submit on the LIC website it says “Either session Expire or there is some other problem”

    Tell me whats the problem

    • jugnu says

      take out another card or regester ur name in bank or update your old card from bank in ur name or i think that account have regesterred with another name in bank

  4. Rahul says

    Every time i click on submit i get the error
    session Expire
    I tried it several time but same result
    What to do?

  5. sureshkumar says

    Dear All,
    I am unable to logon LIC online pay web site, Becuse i don’t know the user name and password. Because i frogoted. please help me how to getback user & password for the same.

  6. Arun kumar verma says

    Once i logged in in my online account.
    Why my enrolled policies are showing zero.
    Even there are lots of coloum which has not been updated.
    I enrolled my policy in march???

  7. Faiza Rizwan says

    While filling the lic prenium via debut card online,i stuck in one option,Mother’s maidn name? how could i come out from this problem and pay lic prenium…

  8. Ashu says

    What is the service charges, if my half yrly premium amount is 8000?
    Is service charges for premium amount or convenience fee?

  9. noke singh says

    am not able to pay premium online. its always telling the bad name on card. but iam entering the proper name on the card only. but its now accepting. iam paying all payment by online only. those are all very easy to pay. please improve your software.

    • says

      While making a online payment on LIC website – option internet banking, next page logins into my ICICI bank and gives payment details as – BPC Bill Desk — ? Does anyone know if this is correct?

  10. Dalton says

    Good that LIC Premium can be paid by Credit/Debit card.
    But charging CONVENIENCE FEE by LIC is totally unacceptable.
    All other people are accepting Credit card payment but do not charge anything more.

    Why LIC wants to loot us more. Aren’t they earning enough???

  11. says


    Now it is much easy to pay the premium online. Directly go to Online Services—>Pay Direct—->Fill in your details and its done.

  12. Eric Nasir says

    Dear Sir Iam trying to pay my LIC premium on line but have not been successful, to day after a long period I was able to register my self then again I came against a Block I have three policies but was able to register only two policies, the third policy premium is due but your site is not registering it,and the information given from the receipts paid at the counter, request assistance. Regards eric Nasir

  13. srinu says

    can any body help me. I’m getting this error daily while trying to register as a new user.
    “Due to technical issues, this service is unavailable. We’ll be back shortly. Inconvenience is deeply regretted.”

  14. srinu says

    although created new user id of lic online and enrolled policies, couldn’t pay premium online. not showing my policies while going to pay premium. any body can help me. tell me steps to pay .Thanks in advance.

  15. elangovan says

    Great Information Sir. Thank You.. I have been paying LIC premiums through my agent. Now I will pay Myself.

  16. says

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  17. Nagulameera Shaik says

    Hi, this link is very much helpful to me. And i payed my premium online with the help of this link. Thanks a lot.

  18. Raman says


    Can NRIs pay online through this website?

    Will the procedure be the same as mentioned by you?

    If not, how can NRIs pay their premiums?

    Will appreciate a quick reply.


  19. Robin says

    I would like to know if I can pay my wife’s LIC using my bank account. She is registered with LIC but not having an Internet banking account. LIC states that you shouldnt pay using other account. So got confused.

    Please suggest

  20. R BASAVA RAJA says

    DEAR SIR ,


  21. kannika vr says

    whenever i try to rigister for online regestration process i receive an error message and will not be able to generate the user id or password…please help

  22. Nithya says

    can I add more than one policy to the same account? Still LIC is not recommeding more policies in a single account?

  23. says

    Hi, I am trying to pay 25,319 through credit card. It is charging Rs. 35/- as convenience fees. Apart from this charging 12.32% tax. So, this 12.32 % is charging on 25,319 or on Rs. 35 convenience fees. Please help me regarding this.

  24. amit says

    I tried to register for paying my LIC premium but every time i enter my details it says
    ” We are unable to process your request.
    Please try again later or contact LIC for further details.
    Try Again with Proper Inputs ”

    Though i have given correct input all the time.
    Can anyone explain me the reson for this error and how can i register here?

    Thanks All.

  25. amit says

    I m not able to register here getting below error
    “We are unable to process your request.
    Please try again later or contact LIC for further details.
    Try Again with Proper Inputs”

    Though i have given correct inputs all the time.
    Can anyone tell me the reason for this and how could i register here?


  26. Ranjit pathak says


    I am not able to pay my premium through City Bank credit card.

    Aslo, do we need to pay any additional charges while paying the preium (for ex. Service tax)

    kindly,response on it.

  27. Vipin says

    Hi All,

    i just found the update on Convenience Fee” and “Service Tax”.

    LIC has now added option to pay premium by Credit Card in their own portal. You need not to go via your Bank portal route.

    Following are the steps:

    1. Login to LIC website using your registered ID. 2. Click on “Pay Premium Online”
    3. Select “Policy Type” & “Premium Option” radio buttons and click “Submit”.
    4. Select “Pay Prm” check box for the policy(s) you want to pay premium for and click “Submit”.
    5. Select “Credit Card/Debit Card” radio button and click “Submit”.
    6. You would be redirected to IDBI payment gateway.
    7. For Credit/Debit card payments you would be charged “Convenience Fee” and “Service Tax” (Service Tax on is on Convenience Fee and NOT on entire premium amount).
    8. Complete the transaction by providing your card details.

  28. madhu sudhan mothu says

    is it sure, the service tax on conveince fee not for premium.
    did u pay any lic premium with out extra service tax

  29. madhu sudhan mothu says

    is it sure, the service tax on conveince fee not for premium.
    did u pay any lic premium with out extra service tax

  30. says

    Hello Madhu,

    While private insurers add a service tax component to the premium paid by customers, LIC has not been levying the tax on its popular endowment and money-back plans. From October, however, all LIC policies will attract a separate service tax, says a senior company official.


  31. mavin_ace says

    If policy is not in force, you cannot reactivate it online. You have to do it in person (or via a family member or friend). Just go to nearest LIC branch and get it renewed. You will have to pay some nominal activation and late fees to get your policy active again.

    For example, my LIC premium was not in force last year. I am at Chennai, and I went to nearby Adyar branch, paid the pending dues on my LIC policy, and activated it within 20mins.

    For future premiums, you can pay online via LIC portal or via your bank’s online BillPay third-party-payment mechanism.


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