Online Banking in India- Part 1


secure_online_banking1In this article I will be writing about the online banking systems in India and the features available with different banks across India. If you look into the modern age of banking , online banks or net banking made things much easier for the people and saves lot of time. The traditional way of standing in the queue and filling up all the forms, now its no hassle for making any transaction with the banks. Every bank has their own features and some banks still not having the more advanced features like transferring money to any banks across India, easy registration for net banking, etc. This article will explore the features with different banks and coming with the series of articles. This is part 1 in the series of article about the Online Banking in India. I would like to hear feedback from the user and your experience on online banking in your bank account. Please post it in the comments section. You can subscribe to our future articles here.

Advantage of Internet Banking Facility

Advantages previously held by large financial institutions have shrunk considerably. The Internet has leveled the playing field and afforded open access to customers in the global marketplace. Internet banking is a cost-effective delivery channel for financial institutions. Consumers are embracing the many benefits of Internet banking. Access to one’s accounts at anytime and from any location via the World Wide Web is a convenience unknown a short time ago. Thus, a bank’s Internet presence transforms from ‘brouchreware’ status to ‘Internet banking’ status once the bank goes through a technology integration effort to enable the customer to access information about his or her specific account relationship. The six primary drivers of Internet banking includes, in order of primacy are:

  • Improve customer access
  • Facilitate the offering of more services
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract new customers
  • Provide services offered by competitors
  • Reduce customer attrition

Banks with Internet Banking

online_banking_loginIn the current scenario, every bank in India has the internet banking facility. Recently the banks are extending their presence in rural areas to lure more customers and show them the advantages of internet making by educating into the new system. This gives the countries entire population to get the benefit of technology advancement. As I said, still it is evolving and not all the banks provide very advanced features. In our article I will take few leading banks and explain the features they are offering.  Note that, the online banking can be for managing your Savings Accounts, Credit Cards, Fixed Deposit, Insurance, etc. The following are the list of banks and their online website address.


This article presents only the basic idea on internet banking in India. Also the leading internet banking portals mostly used by the customers. When it comes to the internet banking, internet security on net banking is the challenging problem to be faced by all the major portals. Every customer must aware of the security issues and protect their details from the hackers. In my next article I will be writing about the security issues which normally cheat customers and steal the personal details. Thank you for reading this article. Please post your feedback on the comments section.

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