Verify Tamil Nadu District Patta Details

A patta land means it is private property stands in the name of an individual. in fact in case of civil disputes patta holder is having good title over the property.

If you are buying any new land, it is required to check the patta details before making any decision. It should be in the owner’s name.

You can check the Tamil Nadu District Patta Details.



  1. JJohn says

    I need guidance on how to save my property in bangalore from a landgrabber. My site was encroached by a neighbour who claims to be a major in the Indian Army..he has built a shop etc on my part of the land. i have documents to prove the land is mine, he has not shown any till now. We complained to the Police and got a stay order from the Civil court with the help of a lawyer. my aged parents are running from pillar to post as Im unable to run behind this as I work in Chennai. Police say that we need to be tough and use force otherwise no one can help.. we dont have that kind of influence. What can we do? Any suggestions?

  2. says

    how to recover the revenue as well as registeration records for the lands without knowing the land details like survey no, patta details. we know only village, taluk and district names and also we know our last generation family members names since from the 17 th century.
    what can we do to recover the above mentioned records. Any suggestion?

  3. shankar says

    I have registered plot in Mahidhara.,chennai during Nov 2011. I have taken loan from Axis bank . duplicate copy of the same have been received.But the patta paper is yet to be recd till date. Is it very important i should get it and what is it contains.what is the normal lead period for sending such documents

    Pls explain

  4. Hanumantha s says

    Hi sir i know patta numbers -288,1100,2A.Iwhant patta details.
    Bairamangalam vill,krishnagiri distick,denkanikotta tq.

  5. sakthi says

    hi, i want to know the detail about how to apply patta for my residential plot and please let me know can we appy patta through online?

    Thanks and anticipating your response

    • Sudar says

      You need to visit VAO office with your sale deed. Once your application is filed, then VAO will provide a chellan and send your documents to TALUK office for verification. The standard timeline to complete the process will take around 3 to 4 weeeks. Note : application will be taken on only monday before 3pm.

      Hope this helps to you….


  6. V.Ravi Shankar says

    I need the patta number for the following Survey Numbers in Yethapur village,Attur Taluk,Salem Dist,Tamilnadu.Survey Number-(247/4,5,6,7)

  7. Selvi says

    Dear Sir,

    I know only my house address in Salem Tamilnadu. How to find out survey no / katta / the property owner etc. Pls advise. I need this info on PRIORITY

  8. Selvi says

    Hello Sir,

    I am not having copy of the document with me. It is my ancestor property. My father / my uncle cheated ( 3 crore property) by giving share to me. I want to file a case against them. For that I want copy of the property documents. How to get the same without having any info like survey no / Katha. I know only my house address. Based on this is it possible for me to track copy of property doc. Pls advise

    • Sudar says

      You can approach the neighbour in that area to get the layout details. Once you have the layout get the plot details and get the E.C. This is the first step of investigation. Meet some good lawyers and proceed further.

      All the best !!!

  9. Floyd says

    I have bought 8 nos, 1200 sq ft grounds in Melvaravathur, near Madurantakam. I have registered the lands throught the agent. He charged me Rs 8,000 per 1200 sq ft (64,000 total) which I know was too much. So I wanted to apply for a Patta and EC by myself. What documents would I need to take with me to apply for the same and How much would it cost and How long would it take to complete the process (Although it would take from a month to 6 months to receive the patta). Your answer would be highly appreciated. As it would lessen my burden as Chennai to Madurantakam is 120 Kms away. Thanks

  10. S.Vikram says


    My grnadfather own a house in north chennai . he lost the patta documment.he dosn’t have any survey number . now he want to make the settlement to our family . my question is where we can get the copy of patta ?

  11. loganathan says

    i have patta no.56 231/7,234/1,234/2,229/21,232/13,232/14B,232/22,235/7C ALL SERVE NO who is there name????

  12. shafi says

    Dear Sir…

    In patta/e-patta, we have say 0-15.50 under “Hec – Acr” Column.

    My question is : how to calculate patta given for the land area based on above details.
    Is there any calculation on a formula?

    Thanks alot!

  13. madhumitha says

    i want the patta details for my land whose survey no is 1000/2A in theni district. village is andipatti. and taulk is andipatti bit-1. and my patta number is 7006. will u pls send me details to my mail id. thank u

  14. madhumitha says

    i want the patta details for my land whose survey no is 1000/2A in theni district. village is andipatti. and taulk is andipatti bit-1. and my patta number is 7006.

  15. parameswari says

    i want my patta details local area -agaram village
    district-north arcort
    state-tamil nadu
    survey no-165/3
    patta no-288.

  16. GOMATHI says

    i have a land in Gandhi Colony, vadakku vallioor, radhapuram taluk, Tirunelveli district.the survey number is 1202/1A. I want to know the patta number and name. Please help me

  17. saravanan says

    sir i am saravanan i have land in sukiramania gounden pudur,kariampalayam village,coimbatore north taluk,the sf no is 39,40.i need patta number and patta details please sir

  18. sheela says

    i want your openian ,i will purchase property in avadi nr by vel tec college,document details- father and mother give all property to her daughter not a son give settlement deed in 2008. at preasent daughter in usa so daughter to give power to mother to sell property in 2011 .mparent document father name only. its ok for buying this property sir ,patta in father names only sir, incase future any problem occur sir please reply me sir

  19. hareesh says

    sir i want land details please provide me ,,, krishnagiri ( distic ) denkannikotta Taluk ,,,marudanapalli ( village ) pattno 114 serve no 205/6 who was the ownership now ,,,,,

      • kayal says

        My grandpa sold the land on 1955. we need that land survey and patta no. if we go and ask that area taluk, they are telling that they are having the document from 1985 on wards only . Kindly help us where will get that patta details.

  20. Bala says

    I want to get Survey number for my grandfather property, how to get that for a land which comes under corporation.Can i get the survey number online using address of the property.

  21. Raj says

    Currently i hold a land in my village, the land is in my grandmother name and has the patta for that land, but all of the sudden a person came and saying that the land was sold by my great grand father in the year 1940 and he is showing the sale document. i dont know how to deal with this problem, currently my grand mother is not alive.kindly guide me.

  22. jebadarwin says

    dear sir,

    i want to get survey number for my fathers to findout the survey no.i want to get copy of the document. how can i apply ? My address;

    no:2 st.peters street,

  23. says

    hello sir,

    i want get survey no for my fathers property, how to findout the survey no. i want to get copy of the can i apply? my address:

    no:2, st,peters street,

    thanking you,



  24. prem says

    how to know the land details i mean the land from whom my grand parents bought it or got it.may be the record of 100 to 200 year .

    • says

      Hello Prem,

      You have to get the EC for the specified years to get the complete transactions. But, I am not sure that our govt. maintains the complete record. You can get the enough details to proceed with your decision.


  25. Raj says

    Dear Sir,

    I have one ground of my grand mother property in my village, the patta is in my grandmother name, but it was occupied by some one in the village, they said that the land was sold to them by 1940 by our great grand father, and they are showing the registered sale deed.
    but we have the patta and we paid the property tax for that land.
    the chitta also showing my grand mother name
    kindly let us know the details for further process

    Thank you,

  26. K Narasimhan says

    I am having land and house in Ulundai village via Kilkodungaloor vandavasi taluk, North Arcot district. It is an ancestrol property. We divided the property and partition deed registered with Kodungaloor register office. Now we want patta in each individual name. Can I apply through online? is it possible? in how many days will get patta? pls explain me.

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